Custom Gobos

Below are a few of the custom gobos we made for our clients. A gobo is basically a stencil that is a negative allowing light to only pass through the image which is then filtered through a series of lenses. We focus the gobo so it is crisp and clean. They can be projected almost anywhere but mostly we project them on the dance floor or a nearby wall.  All you have to do is goto google, do a image search for “wedding gobo” and find a design that you like.  Then send us the design and what you want it to say and we will have our artist custom design it.  We will send you a digital proof similar to below for you to ok.  Custom gobos aren’t just for weddings though, they are great for that extra flair for your event.  Can project corporate logos as well.  Contact us for more info.


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.30.41 PM