We provide professional Sound and Lighting for wedding receptions, school dances, birthday parties and anniversaries.  We can be setup in less than an hour in most cases, which means we can be ready when you need us. Most venues can only allow so much time for the DJ to setup and we can meet those time frames with our simple setup. We are pushing 1000 Watts to each of the four speaker cabinets giving us a total of 4000 Watts of clean full sound. You can feel the lows while the mids and highs cut thru with pristine clarity.

Once you book with us you get your own login to our website where you can plan your entire event online. After logging into your online account you will find event planning, timeline and music request forms to fill out that will ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible. If you would like to see what an online account would look like just let us know and we can setup a temporary account for you to check out.

We can offer a place for your guests to make requests as well.  We can create a separate guest login that you can have printed on your invitations or however you would like to inform your guests about it.  We will give you a link to a login page and a group id (password is optional).  Here your guests can enter songs that will be saved to the guest request list.  We can limit the number of requests each guest can make as well.

We now offer custom gobo packages were we can project your initials and date or whatever you want onto the dance floor or wall all night long.  It can slowly rotate or  just be stationary.  Contact us for further details.

Please contact us with any install requests you might have.